We Are AET Europe, Nice to Meet You

We help organizations create an impact in their business and society, where digital trust is a prerequisite for participation. With a warm and dedicated team, we foster that environment that is built on trust. For our clients and their clients, and also for ourselves. It is this foundation of trust that accelerates growth. 

Our Vision and mission

Digital Trust as an Accelerator for Innovation and Growth

We place digital trust at the forefront because we understand that secure and reliable system-human interfaces are vital for fostering innovation and growth.

Impactful Solutions

Our purpose-driven strategy allows us to capture and convert opportunities into future-proof solutions that deliver impact, empowering organizations to effect enduring change in their business and society.

Future-Ready Solutions Begin with Great People

Like a contemporary family, AET Europe is united by a strong dedication to our clients and to each other, promoting an environment where we support, challenge, and provide honest insights. We’re focused on shaping solutions that are future-proof, ensuring that our own development keeps pace with our innovations.

Current vacancies

The Netherlands

Head of Research and Innovation

Are you driven by a passion for delving into and spearheading innovative technologies at the forefront of the industry, such as quantum computing, edge computing, or artificial intelligence enhancements?


Want to work at AET Europe?

We’re glad to hear that you’re interested in working with us. At this time, we don’t have any open vacancies. However, we always welcome open applications from motivated individuals.