BlueX eID management

BlueX is a workflow-based solution that supports all aspects of electronic identification (eID) management and security. It enables compliance, governance, and integration for any organisation and infrastructure. This solution simplifies and lowers the cost of certificate lifecycle management.

BlueX for eID Management and Security

Within every sector eID’s require management and security operations for different levels of assurance. Multiple certificates from different vendors with varying expiration dates pose a challenge for any organisation. BlueX helps organisations comply with information security governance and digital identity management policies. 

It covers all aspects of certificate lifecycle management. This technology reduces the cost by making organisations efficient in deployment, management, and maintenance within a certificate-based infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with any organisation and infrastructure with its workflow-based and highly configurable approach.

Benefits of BlueX eID Management


Designed with a focus on security and trust. Helping significantly to reduce the risk of fraud, attacks and misuse from unauthorised individuals and hackers.


Quick to deploy and requires low maintenance. Based on standard interfaces you can be sure of a secure and fast of Return On Investment.


Flexible and easy administration with its user-friendly and recognisable web-based front end. This allows user locations to be geographically independent.


BlueX is audited as a Trustworthy System according to CEN/TS 419261:2015.


Adaptable thanks to seamless integration and its workflow-based approach.


From 50 to 50 million eIDs.


Supports a wide range of multifunctional smart cards and tokens and supports all major Certificate Authorities (CAs) and databases.


BlueX can integrate with physical access-, on-demand printing- or payments systems to create multi-purpose cards.