BlueX eID management

BlueX is a workflow-based solution that supports all aspects of electronic identification (eID) management and security. It enables compliance, governance, and integration for any organisation and infrastructure. This solution simplifies and lowers the cost of certificate lifecycle management.

BlueX eID Management 

BlueX enables every organization to build trust by supporting all aspects of electronic identity (eID) management. Its low code workflow-based approach allows for easy adaptation to existing processes, whilst allowing for seamless interoperability with 3rd party systems. Enabling enhanced governance, simplifying compliance, and lowering the cost of eID life cycle management. 

Managing Electronic Identities with BlueX 

Trust is the foundation for every organization. Everyone and everything establish trust by using their electronic identities (eIDs), like people connecting to their work environments, access servers, remotely access cars, home appliances, industrial equipment, and critical infrastructure. With this growing use of eIDs comes the challenge to remain in control. BlueX is specifically designed to make managing eIDs easy by providing a secure, stable, and scalable  solution, enhancing governance, simplifying compliance, and lowering cost of eID life cycle management. 

Tailored fit standardized customization 

Not all organizations are created equal. Differences in industry, size, speed, and processes pose challenges for every organization trying to effectively manage their eIDs while remaining compliant with the ever-increasing complexity of information security governance and compliance. BlueX helps by seamlessly integrating into any organization, because it easily adapts to changes in policies by utilizing standardized customization tailored fit to the organization. 

Trustworthy System 

The high stability and minimal maintenance of BlueX will provide the foundation your organization needs to stay in control, easily adapt to, and remain compliant with the ever-increasing demands of digital security. BlueX is audited as a Trustworthy System according to CEN/TS 419261:2015. 

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