AET Europe's Tailored Enterprise Solutions

For businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to smaller enterprises managing numerous users, we deliver secure access to essential systems while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Reliable, secure access for all businesses and users

In response to the escalating demand for secure system access, regardless of device or location, AET Europe presents an integrated approach to digital trust solutions. The ever-growing importance of data and document confidentiality underscores the need for collaborative efforts among key departments such as HR, Facility Management, and IT Security in crafting a robust security policy.

At AET Europe, we excel in this domain, offering expertise in providing digital trust solutions tailored to enterprises of all sizes. Our commitment is to ensure that, amid the complexities of security, simplicity remains a constant.

Key Features of ConsentID in Enterprise

Discover the future of secure, efficient, and credible digital transactions with ConsentID. Embrace the power of technology designed to enhance your business processes and safeguard your digital interactions. Check out the Key Features of ConsentID below. 

Trust ConsentID – where security meets simplicity.

Trust and Credibility

ConsentID employs digital certificates technology, offering a secure foundation for digital transactions. With this technology, users can confidently provide consent, and business owners can seamlessly request it, all while ensuring trust and credibility in every interaction.

eIDAS Compliance

Operating within the parameters of eIDAS, ConsentID ensures that digital signatures hold legal value, providing a protective framework for all parties involved in a contract. It’s a unique solution that seamlessly integrates with digital certificates on mobile devices.

Seamless Workflow

Curious about ConsentID? Users connect to a business app, enter their username, and receive a verification request on their mobile. Entering the PIN grants secure access on both PC and mobile, ensuring a straightforward process for accessing requested information.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the era of paper and pen signatures. ConsentID enables users to digitally sign documents, saving valuable time and resources. This innovative solution streamlines processes, making transactions efficient and cost-effective.

PKI Technology for Security

ConsentID uses PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure), backed by 15+ years of expertise. It offers a flexible, easily adaptable, integrated solution for business apps. Browser plugins, passwords, or text messages are history; ConsentID simplifies security without compromising strength.

Authentication and Secure Access

Assure the identity of users by providing robust authentication and secure access to customers, employees, and citizens. ConsentID establishes a secure environment without the need for plug-ins or complex passwords, enhancing the overall user experience.