SafeSign IC

SafeSign is a versatile Identity Client (IC). This middleware provides strong authentication, seamless integration and full compatibility. Deploy this reliable guard for your IT security and explore unlimited possibilities for securing your data and systems. 

Secure authentication with SafeSign IC  

SafeSign Identity Client (IC) supports the widest range of features on the market. It works with over 200 smart cards and USB tokens, providing strong authentication. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose any manufacturer. Furthermore, it ensures two- or multi-factor authentication/logon. The end user needs both the USB token or smart card and a Personal Identity Number. USB tokens and smart cards resist tampering. The end user’s digital credentials are safe. Authentication based on smart cards or USB tokens is very secure. 

Multiplatform for card and token management 

SafeSign IC is available for desktops, servers and laptops. You can also use it in Thin Clients, printers or other devices. Its administration utility manages USB tokens, smart cards and credentials. The administrator can set the card PIN, unblock the card, import and delete certificates, keys and root certificates. Furthermore, it also has an end user utility. The user can view certificates or change the PIN. This middleware imports digital certificates and stores keys securely. It lets applications generate keys on smart cards or USB tokens. The key never leaves the token and is protected. 

Flexibility without extra costs  

You can start using smart cards easily. As the demand grows, just add applications to the smart card or USB token, expanding to certificates as part of a PKI solution, without having to change the smart cards, USB tokens or client infrastructure. SafeSign IC is trusted by more than 25 million users worldwide. It is used in all industries where information is vital. 


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