ConsentID Identity Provider

Easily secure online identities with this mobile-powered solution for Digital Signature, Consent and Authentication. ConsentID empowers users to stay in control of their data privacy and manage information sharing with confidence.

ConsentID provides trust and credibility

To make it possible for a user to give his consent and the business owner to ask for consent we created the ConsentID service. ConsentID is based on digital certificates technology, providing trust and credibility to digital transactions. It performs transactions with absolute security in an easy way. You can digitally sign documents without paper or pen, saving time and money. Assuring users identity by providing authentication and secure access to customers, employees and citizens. It does not require plug-ins or complex passwords. 

eIDAS proof

ConsentID operates in the area of digital signatures and identity management within the parameters of eIDAS. By following these European standards, digital signatures have a legal value, protecting both parties of a contract. It is a unique solution that works with digital certificates on your mobile device.

Security by PKI technology

PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure. Based on this PKI technology and more than 15 years of expertise, the ConsentID authentication and signing service offers a flexible, easily adaptable and integrated solution for any business application. It also offers a unique solution that works without any web browser plugins, username/password combinations you need to remember or complicated text messages you need to copy into your browser. The only thing you need to know as a user, is your username and your PIN code.

How does ConsentID work?

A user connects with his browser to a Business Application. He enters his user name in the required field of the application which send a verification request to the ConsentID server. The ConsentID server will push a message (asking for consent) to the users mobile phone and then the user can enter his PIN on the phone to get access to the application on the PC or mobile phone. The Business Application gives access to the users’ requested information.

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