Welcome BlueX 9-series

We’re excited to welcome the BlueX 9-series with the release of BlueX 9.0.0. Read all about it below.
Unfamiliar with BlueX? Discover its features: 

What happens to currently supported versions of BlueX?

The introduction of the BlueX 9-series has the effect that currently supported versions of BlueX will move to their next life cycle phase:

  • BlueX 7.0 has now entered the Security-phase.
  • BlueX 8-series has now entered the Maintenance-phase.

We advise everyone to start planning to upgrade your environments to BlueX 9.0.0, as both BlueX 7.0 and 8-series will be marked End-of-Life in Q4 2024.

Life cycle details and supported versions/series overview are available on the following page:

Will it be audited?

Yes! BlueX 9.0.0 is currently being audited according to CEN/TS 419261: Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems Managing Certificates and time-stamps, March 2015. A public announcement will be made when the audit has been completed.


But why would I upgrade?

For starters, being audited gives the BlueX 9-series a long life cycle and means it is the direct replacement of BlueX 7.0. It also features all of the work that was done in the BlueX 8-series, like Crypto Agility which facilitated the addition of ECC Support, and (security) updates and patches of 3rd Party Software ensuring you’re up-to-date and protected. 


So what else is new?

Support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) has been extended with the fourth and final phase – Configuration and Communication- enabling the use of EC (based) certificates for the configuration of BlueX (via the Configuration Wizards) which results in the support for ECC whilst communicating to and from BlueX. ECC Support has also been extended with the capability of enabling Derivation Support (CKA_DERIVE). 

Capabilities/features previously marked as deprecated have been removed, like SafeNet LunaCA3 Engine support, Athena (middleware) support, and Verisign AA CA support. Many bugs have been fixed and maintenance updates and (security) fixes have been applied. Finally, the new ‘BlueX 9-series Workflow Conversion Tool’ and the accompanying guide will help you upgrade your workflow for BlueX 9.0.0. More details are available in the Release Notes.


When can I start using it?

Right now! BlueX 9.0.0 is available immediately, please contact us if you have any questions.

How can I help you?

Do you have a support question? Share your needs with Tiago and his team. Let’s turn them into impactful and reliable solutions.