AET Europe Partners in Serbia's Digital Innovation Venture

AET Europe contributes in Serbia’s groundbreaking Innovation District project in Kragujevac. This initiative, part of the “Leap into the Future – Serbia 2027” program, marks a significant milestone in Southeast Europe’s digital transformation journey. The laying of the foundation stone for the Innovation District witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities including President Ana Brnabić, Minister Mihailo Jovanović, and other esteemed officials. AET Europe, among other prominent entities like Toshiba and Bank Poštanska štedionica Beograd, has pledged its commitment to spearhead innovative solutions within the Innovation District

Contributing in Serbia’s digital aspirations

The Innovation District project stands as a testament to Serbia’s commitment to embracing digital innovation and leveraging technology for societal progress. AET Europe is honored to be part of this transformative journey, as we collectively shape a future where technology empowers and enriches lives. We are dedicated to supporting Serbia’s digital aspirations by contributing to initiatives within Open Balkans and we’re commited to fostering the establishment of a secure digital wallet and digital identities. Through strategic collaborations and innovative solutions, we aim to drive economic growth, create new opportunities, and empower individuals in Serbia and beyond.

ConsentID provides secure electronic ID

As part of this venture, we are excited to introduce cutting-edge digital solutions aimed at enhancing Serbia’s digital landscape. With our application ConsentID, Serbian citizens are using safe and secure  electronic identification. With a focus on digital trust and security, ConsentID employs state-of-the-art digital certificates technology, ensuring secure transactions and legal compliance. It offers a seamless authentication process, enabling users to access digital services with ease and confidence.

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