New release BlueX 9.1.0

AET Europe released the second and latest version of the audited BlueX 9-series: BlueX 9.1.0. Check out the new features below.

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BlueX 9.1.0: Changes and New Features

Amongst many new features, BlueX can now be configured to act as a REST Server, including fine grained Access Control configuration, allowing you to bring integrations to the next level. ‘BlueX PDF Generation’ now uses generic ‘Print to PDF’ printer drivers, making it possible to use the standard ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ printer.

The BlueX Browser now has support for the ‘Application Mode’ feature of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge; which means that – if enabled – the BlueX Browser is started in its own separate window (and menu bar icon) providing a more focused operator experience. And finally SMTP support has been extended with the STARTTLS and SSL/TLS authentication methods to facilitate improved e-mail security.

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